* Oil-free clean sewing
* Electric clamping organization
* Multifunction operation control panel
* Simple and convenient operation,
* Simple and accurate orientation
* New pulling thread-slacking device
* New base thread and surface thread cutting device

New surface line cutting device can  realize rotation with certain angle  to  the  feeding  mechanism with    simple,    convenient    and stable control under coordination of drive mechanism.

Pulling  thread-slacking  device  is applied,  whose  design  advantages
are:simple structure,  convenient control and convenient assembly.

The lifting and pressing foot is driven by the pulse motor, thus, when the footstep is
located  at  the  center  or  pressed  forward  (2  degrees)  or  backward,  the  height  can  be
adjusted according to need, thus, which can simplify inserting and moving cloth, moving
and reducung work fatigue.
The lifting and pressing foot descends only when it is needed by height, thus, time for  descending  and  ascending  can  be  shortened.  Distance  between  the  cloth  and  the presser foot, thus, it is easy to select position of the buttonhole