Super High-Speed Overlock Machine

USAGE: Plain Seaming
N-6900-30/04/05/06: Super-High-Speed 4-Thread Overlock Machine For Seaming Knitted Apparels


1. The latest model super-high-speed overlock machine, it is two grades higher than M700, and the toppest speed can be 7500rpm, which can improve the production efficiency greatly.

2. More suitable for swiftly sewing lower anti-hot composite ber, HR silicon oiling mechanism can decline needle bar's temperature, avoiding thread breakage, clothing melting.

3. Auto-force-oil mechanism is equipped on needle bar and rocker lever, avoiding oil leakage. meantime, equip with thread- sucking mechanism.

4. Single needle bar support is convenient for the machine running at high speed. The closed needle bar can avoid sucking dust, needle bar wear or oil leakage.

5. Oil filter makes oil clean, assures the machine running at high speed.

6. Expanded working space to the greatest extent, makes the operation more comfortable, convenient, stitch beautiful.

7. N6900-03 is with reverse stitch function in the absence of knot.