Direct-Drive High-Speed Lockstitch Machine

SAGE: General Plain Seaming Light to Medium-weight Materials

N-9900D :   Direct-drive High-speed Lockstitch machine, Round Knife
N-9900DH: Direct-drive High-speed Lockstitch machine, Round Knife

1. The patented optimal inserted direct-drive servomotor. Rotary cutter. Convenient installation, clean and non-polluted, low noise and vibration. Combined with aerospace control technology, high speed startup/brake, precise needle stop locating. It only takes 0.12s from 0 to 4000 stitches. The absence of V-belt avoids belt abrasion and spooling thoroughly. Greatly reducing greatly the failure rate improve highly sewing e­fficiency.
2. High power saving: save about 60% of energy compared with the common motors, 30% up with frequency servo motor.
3. Parameter setting the startup makes the operation easy; the error codes will show on the panel for faults confirmation and
4. Thread end lefts only 4-5mm after stopping, so it is not necessary to remove the litters.
5. Press manual reverse stitching switch (near to needle) to, perform the operation very easily.