High Speed Direct-drive Lockstitch Sewing Machine

High speed direct-drive lockstitch sewing machine small nest series are independently researched and developed by NATAKA, which is an advanced sewing machine with clean sewing technology which at present is a patent. The design  of  small  nest,  greatly  improving  the  processing  quality  of  sewing  products,  enjoys  low  noise,  vibration, efficient productivity and excellent sewing quality. Besides, it adopts advanced automatic control technology with function of automatic positioning, automatic fixing numbers of stitches, automatic trimming, automatic reverse sewing and automatic presser foot lifting which improve the working efficiency. This machine meets the require-ments of sewing high-grade cloths that it should be free-oil, energy-saving, securing, and cozy. It is one of the best sewing machines for processing of high-grade clothing, down coat and bedding etc.

Warmly introduction of clean sewing technology
    The adoption of small nest can make the thread end shorter and stitches more beautiful without cleaning thread end. It is suitable  for  processing  of  high-grade  sewing  products,  especially  for  the  reinforced  sewing  of brand.
     The computerized with small nest designed by NATAKA can enjoy the function of threading wiping, (so generrally, the machine with small nest is not necessary to be equipped with thread wiper) and can leave at least 2.5cm needle thread end.