NTK- 160N/30

Electronic Single Thread Blindstitch Spot Tacking Machine
   Applicable for fastening stitch of different kinds of apparel.
   The brand or label is better to be attached on inner lining and cuff of knitting and wool outerwear, tie, coat and business suit and waistband or pants.
   Fastening stitch contributes to nice-looking stitches which will not be exposed on the surface of sewing.
   NTK-160N/30 is provided with the computer program control function, which can program the circulated sewing automatically according to the need.
Every circulated sewing program contains as many as 31 different combinations of different needle number and blind stitching depth. Also it’s provided with the stitch losing and bar tack for the surfacing of sewing. It is especially suitable for te sewing need of many different needle numbers and blind stitching depths on the single garment piece.
   The machine is provided with the memory function so that the user can program as many as 100 circulated sewing program and save them in memory for long. The needle number of every blind stitching fastening stitch can be optional during 2-15 and depth can be adjustable freely during 0-50.
 The main sewing motor adopts EFKA servomotor made in Germany, provided with adjustable sewing speed, energy-saving cold light source spotlight, pneumatic lifting presser foot and thread trimmer.